A new year, a new start

Since my move back to the Boston area I’ve been so busy with work (up to three jobs at a time) that I’ve hardly had time for other things, including this blog. But I want to turn things around in the new year and kick start this blog.

Reilly and Ryan have settled in comfortably. Each has their own preferred spots – Reilly likes the height of the divider and the bookcase, as well as the heat of the spot near the heater behind the couch, while Ryan loves to cuddle in my bed or to nab a spot on one of the kitchen chairs (we keep them pushed in so he doesn’t end up on the table), but when the chance presents itself, he’s off exploring any closet that is open.

They are under the impression that they rule the house, and they probably do. Unlike many cats who get dry food left out all day or meals in the morning and at night, they get small meals several times a day. It seemed like a good way to parcel out the food in a house where there’s almost always someone home and wandering in and out of the kitchen. We tried to keep up the twice a day feedings of larger portions, but they turned their poor, pathetic, starving looks on us and ended up with far too many treats. So now they get a bit of food about every six hours. It hasn’t made them stop trying to turn on the charm, but it’s made it easier for us to say no.

Here are some shots from the past year:

Back in NYC, you likely would have seen more pictures of Reilly than Ryan. But since Ryan spends more time in my bedroom, he gets the bulk of the shots lately.

Hope you like them. I’ll try to get back to updating this on a regular basis.


Ryan has a thing about refrigerators

He’s a curious little guy. Makes me nervous at times. When I lived in NYC, my fridge was often fairly empty. So there was lots of room for him to jump in. He only did that once and it was enough to freak me out. I got very careful about making sure that never happened again. Here at home, the fridge as enough stuff in it that he can only sniff. The chicken was especially enticing.

My babies

These two definitely act like siblings. They can be all lovey dovey one moment, like this, and then they are hissing at each other because one of them intruded on the other’s alone time under the bed. Either way, they are my babies.

2016-01-26 12.36.20.jpg

Yeah, once again, it’s been a while

But one of my New Year’s resolutions is to be better at updating this site. Tonight I just have time for a quick post, but I’ll be going back through some of the images I have to add. Here are two from this morning which help explain why it’s so hard to get out of bed in the morning. Wouldn’t you stay in bed if you have these two lovely companions?

I know, it’s been a while

As I mentioned last time, the three of us packed up (with my sister Lorraine’s help) and moved to Massachusetts back in March. It turned out to be a bit of a traumatic move. We put the cats in the bathroom when the movers were there, but that wasn’t enough to block out the sound of the tape that the movers used. Hours and tens of rolls of tape later, Ryan was completely stressed out. Took a lot of effort to get him into the cat carrier. The drive home didn’t help. By the time we got most of my stuff in the storage unit and the rest in the house, he was a very unhappy cat. Hissing and snarling at everyone. So we put a litter box in my bedroom along with some food and a blanket from the old place. Reilly and I slept in the other room for three nights before he was back to his old self.

They’ve both adapted quite well to living in a house rather than an apartment. They got to experience stairs for the first time. They love stairs, and the fact that there are closed rooms at the top that they might be able to sneak into only increases the joy. Whenever anyone goes upstairs, they follow behind just in case.

We’ve had to institute a few new rules in the house. No more leaving chairs pulled out at the kitchen table. If you forget that rule, Ryan and Reilly will definitely be on top of the table exploring – and potentially stealing pens, eyeglasses, etc. We also have to be more careful with the doors to outside and the basement. I’m more worried about them getting out than getting downstairs, but there are lots of ways for them to get in trouble in the basement so they haven’t been allowed down there.

They’ve taken over the living room and spend their nights out there with my Dad. Ryan loves Dad’s leather chair and Dad often doesn’t have the heart to shoo him off (he’s a real softie). I get them first thing in the morning – in large part due to the fact that they want to be fed.

Otherwise their days are spent looking at the birds, squirrels, and kids out front. They are quite content.

The Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch

Happy Cats

Happy Cats