Getting to Know Ryan

I’m writing this on the train back from Boston to NYC. I’ve been home for the weekend visiting the family. I wasn’t able to make the trip at Christmas because all my cat sitters were heading home for the holidays as well. So my family decided to do a Christmas in January. My friend Bella has been taking care of the cats while I’m away and it has been amusing, sometimes worrisome, to see her tweets and texts about them. And of course Ryan is front and center in them. Reilly’s contribution seems to be limited to two litter box misses and a new habit of butt slamming Bella at the sink.

Ryan is the one who sounds the alarm in the pre-dawn hours that it is time that food be put out. If you are lucky he waits until 6am for that, but he’s been known to start at 5! He stole one of Bella’s socks and tried to make off with her glasses case (fortunately no glasses inside). He’s given her the poor pitiful me look later in the day when he wants food but it’s too early for dinner. And he had the nerve to hiss at her. Now that is something that I don’t allow. We’ll have to put a stop to that if it continues when I get home.

But for all of that, he’s a truly lovable cat. If you are lying down on the couch he’ll come over to snuggle. And he’ll put up with me picking me up even though I know he’s not a fan of it. He does have his special spot on my desk chair, but he also spends a bit of time on the couch with me, even when I’m not lying down. And to see him on the “haunted” loveseat is truly hilarious.