A bit of history to start out

I’d been thinking about getting a cat for a while. A kitten to be precise. The only pet I ever had were fish and growing up I was a bit fearful of dogs and cats. I eventually got over it but really didn’t ever think of getting a cat until I went to a friend’s apartment and one of his very young sons greeted me at the door and thrust a kitten into my hands. While that was several years ago, it really was the start of this whole process.

Sometime in 2013 I decided I was ready to act. I planned out the best time and figured January, after all the holiday craziness was over, would be the best. And who else to ask for advice than the friend whose son first thrust that kitten at me. Keith put me in touch with the wonderful Cecile at Bronx Tails and eventually everything worked out.

In late January, Cecile brought four kittens over to my apartment. One thing I learned in the process is that unless you already have a cat, most places will only let you adopt a pair of kittens so they can socialize. One of the pairs was a couple of weeks older than the other. But I fell in love with these guys.

2014-01-26 12.26.42They are a brother sister pair who were found huddled under a car in a parking garage by a policeman in the Bronx. Ryan (the orange one) is the brother and his sister Reilly is obviously the darker one. The only problem was that Reilly had some litter box issues. But Cecile decided that I would be able to handle the remainder of the training and let me adopt them on the spot. It helped I’m sure that I got the recommendation from Keith who had used the same place to adopt their pair of kittens.

The process of training Reilly involved a giant kitty condo and several litter boxes. It was actually a bit comforting to know that they would be safe inside the condo when I couldn’t be with them. It’s a good thing I have a large apartment because this condo was big. Several levels and a hammock to sleep in.

2014-01-26 15.25.07

Over time we adjusted the litter in the bottom until she was accident free. Well, at least relatively speaking (more on that later). It didn’t take too long before the pair of them were roaming free in the apartment and just using the condo as a home base. I actually hung on to it for a few months, until after they had been spayed and neutered. There were a few times when it really came in handy. Can’t thank the folks at Bronx Tails enough for loaning it to me and for being so supportive with all my new owner questions – and believe me I had a ton.


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