Getting to know Reilly

My lovely Reilly can be a handful. As I mentioned earlier, she had problems adjusting to litter box training as a young kitten. She’s gotten much better but there are still a number of mornings that I’m greeted with a ‘little mistake’ beside the litter box. But at least it has always been beside the box and she seems to be over her earlier bout with peeing beside the box (knock on wood). That was much harder to clean up. We haven’t figured out why she does this. We’ve experimented with a few things that seem to help for a bit. But nothing has worked 100%. Good thing she is so cute.

2014-02-28 21.48.00
2014-03-04 22.58.02

She also has a fascination with tile and glass, especially as a kitten. Here are a couple of quick videos of her in the bathroom earlier in the year.

The tile isn’t too bad. What was painful was when she used to do the same thing on the living room windows. I was amazed she was able to put up with the high pitched sound. I know I couldn’t.

She’s also a big fan of the Roomba, unlike her brother. Unfortunately, her attempts to play with the device often shuts it off. And she’s a pretty smart kitty. She managed to change the language of the Roomba, first to German and then to French!  I had to Google for instructions on how to change it back to English.