We’ve moved!

Not online locations, but actual. Reilly, Ryan, and I recently moved from NYC to the Boston area. The prep and execution of the move put my blogging on hold. But I’ll be back soon with pictures of the rugrats in their new environment as well as some stories from the move.

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Getting to Know Ryan

I’m writing this on the train back from Boston to NYC. I’ve been home for the weekend visiting the family. I wasn’t able to make the trip at Christmas because all my cat sitters were heading home for the holidays as well. So my family decided to do a Christmas in January. My friend Bella has been taking care of the cats while I’m away and it has been amusing, sometimes worrisome, to see her tweets and texts about them. And of course Ryan is front and center in them. Reilly’s contribution seems to be limited to two litter box misses and a new habit of butt slamming Bella at the sink.

Ryan is the one who sounds the alarm in the pre-dawn hours that it is time that food be put out. If you are lucky he waits until 6am for that, but he’s been known to start at 5! He stole one of Bella’s socks and tried to make off with her glasses case (fortunately no glasses inside). He’s given her the poor pitiful me look later in the day when he wants food but it’s too early for dinner. And he had the nerve to hiss at her. Now that is something that I don’t allow. We’ll have to put a stop to that if it continues when I get home.

But for all of that, he’s a truly lovable cat. If you are lying down on the couch he’ll come over to snuggle. And he’ll put up with me picking me up even though I know he’s not a fan of it. He does have his special spot on my desk chair, but he also spends a bit of time on the couch with me, even when I’m not lying down. And to see him on the “haunted” loveseat is truly hilarious.


I’m in Boston this weekend finally celebrating Christmas with my family. I wasn’t able to make it out in December because there was no one in town to stay with the cats. So we scheduled a time this weekend to celebrate and Bella offered to stay with the cats.

It sounds like she has been having a bit of a challenging time between the cats, the apartment, and my computer. She’s such a trooper for helping me out this way. Check out her blog here. She’s got one more night with the cats, I hope they treat her well.

Getting to know Reilly

My lovely Reilly can be a handful. As I mentioned earlier, she had problems adjusting to litter box training as a young kitten. She’s gotten much better but there are still a number of mornings that I’m greeted with a ‘little mistake’ beside the litter box. But at least it has always been beside the box and she seems to be over her earlier bout with peeing beside the box (knock on wood). That was much harder to clean up. We haven’t figured out why she does this. We’ve experimented with a few things that seem to help for a bit. But nothing has worked 100%. Good thing she is so cute.

2014-02-28 21.48.00
2014-03-04 22.58.02

She also has a fascination with tile and glass, especially as a kitten. Here are a couple of quick videos of her in the bathroom earlier in the year.

The tile isn’t too bad. What was painful was when she used to do the same thing on the living room windows. I was amazed she was able to put up with the high pitched sound. I know I couldn’t.

She’s also a big fan of the Roomba, unlike her brother. Unfortunately, her attempts to play with the device often shuts it off. And she’s a pretty smart kitty. She managed to change the language of the Roomba, first to German and then to French!  I had to Google for instructions on how to change it back to English.

Cats like beer?

Ever since they were young, my cats have shown an affinity for beer. Well specifically for beer bottles. I don’t know what it is – the shape of the bottle, the way the lip feels, or the smell of the beer. Now before you worry, they don’t actually drink the beer. One time I knocked over a bottle and was so worried that by the time I had run to get a towel they would be drunk from lapping it all up. But the spilled beer didn’t really interest them too much. Whew!

Of the two cats, Reilly is the one who is attracted by beer bottles the most. But Ryan has had his moments.

2014-10-19 10.22.50  2014-08-08 19.28.09

2014-07-20 19.49.35  2014-02-20 20.13.05

Oh and you get a glimpse of my handy dandy bottle holder – aka duct tape. It also works well with glasses of diet coke. Of course when there’s nothing in it, Ryan takes great pleasure at batting it around and off the table. Well he is named after a hockey player after all.